Gift box ALASKA

Exquisite gift set, 4 parts

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  • Preparation: smoked
  • Category: presents, salmon
  • Country of origin: Alaska
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€ 139,00 excl. tax without shipping costs
€ 139,00 excl. tax without shipping costs
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Gift box ALASKA

Gift packaging with a premium design, with wood wool covered, with the size of 54 x 35cm.

This includes:

Youkon Wild Salmon Red Salmon cut, whole filet with 700g, or

Red Salmon gravad cut, whole filet with 700 g

Alaska Wild Salmon caviar 100g – premium quality in a noble glass

Caviar Spoon

and 1 bottle of 0.75l champagne Chartogne-Taillet Cuvée Sainte Anne Brut

The champagne Chartogne-Taillet, sets his history back to 1550, where its soft, mild, full-bodied aroma will be a drinking delight on a very high level – within a very good price range. The house classic is named after the village saint Sainte Anne brut.

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Drinks and accessories only in gift sets, but not individually available in the shop.
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