Available in well-assorted food retails.

Youkon wild salmon can be obtained in different portion sizes. You can poach, cook, grill and eat it - you have all options of the fine cousin. And the best off all - each preparation method is simple,fast and is healthy and delicious at the same time.

Youkon products for sale

Distributor list

At the moment the distributor list is in progress. Here is an excerpt from our dealers: Our YOUKON Classics are available exclusively in well-assorted food retails:


in Austria

  • basic Biosupermarkt
  • Eurogast
  • Kastner
  • Kiennast
  • Maximarkt
  • Meinl, Wien
  • Merkur
  • Metro
  • Nah & Frisch
  • Pfeiffer
  • Interspar

in Germany

  • Basic Biosupermarkt
  • Füllhorn Biomärkte
  • KaDeWe Berlin
  • Kaufhof
  • Merl /FMR

Frozen products

in Austria

  • Basic Biosupermarkt
  • Merkur
  • Metro
  • MPreis

in Germany

  • Basic Biosupermarkt
  • Bodan Bio Großhandel
  • Denn's Biomärkte
  • Hermannsdorfer Biomärkte München
  • Alnatura Biomärkte
  • Ökoring Bio Großhandel
  • Rinklin Bio Großhandel
  • VollCorner Biomärkte München
  • Weiling Bio Großhandel
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