Culinary treat with responsability

To act sustainable means to take responsability for humanity and especially for nature and to turn words into deeds.

The products of YOUKON WILD SALMON are pure natural products. They are cought and further processed in harmony with nature, environment and humanity and delivered to our costumers. Learn more about our approach.

Indulgence with a good feeling.

Fortunately we live on the most amazing, and vivid planet of our solar system. Rich in air, water, earth and life in every imaginable form. Are we able to comprehend the wealth of the earth and its life even roughly, or even understand? How responisble do we deal with the life on the planet in form of plants, animals and humans? For countless species the possibilities of living, especially in our seas and rivers, are miscellaneous and wonderful

Particulary the authentic nature, the icy sea of the northern pacific and the wide range of bifurcations of the cold, clear, and especially clean rivers of Alaska, are the prerequisites for this eternal for thousands of years persisting life circle of the wild salmon. It seems almost a miracle when they come back to their birth place every year at the same time to visit the spawning grounds high up in the wild river courses of Alaska.

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In Alaska they care about the wild salmon stock, due to the responsible handling with natural resources all the wild salmon species are protected.Since 1959 the constitution of Alaska forbids fish farms and indicates "to use fish only under sustainable principles of earnings, development and maintainance", to protect the fish for future generations. The health state of every single salmon is determined with the help of the newest scientific examination techniques, in consideration of climate, enviromental and social factors that have an impact on fishery.

Stock preserving fishery

This means the protection of important habitats and to support the maintainance of a healthy ecosystem. Alaskas wildsalmon fishery became a role model for sustainable resource-management for the whole world, thereby determinig the Goldstandard. Alaskas wild salmon grows up wild and sustainable.

The protection of important habitats in the sea is not only serving sustainable fishery but also supporting biodiversity and nutritional basis for other species. Alaskas comprehensive approach to a sustainable fishing-managment includes major efforts to protect marine habitats by limiting partially or totally fishing and other human activities in certain key-areas. Alaska declared thousands of square-meter-miles to marine reserves.

Fisherman in Alaska need a special liscence to be allowed to fish salmon. This liscence is only given to people, never to companies or coorporations.

Fishfarms are forbidden in the most northern federal state of Alaska. Fishery attaches great importance to the development of the fish in their natural habitat without the influence of mankind. Thats why an authentic, 100% natural taste is guaranteed.

The Youkon Wild Salmon originates from a well-managed and certificated fishery, it complies with the enviromental standards of the Marine Stewardship Council. The Marine Stewardship Concil (MSC) is a independant institution which was founded together with WWF to maintain the valuable fish stock of the ocean. Those by expertes elaborated guidelines of the MSC guarantee sustainable fishing methods. Strict controlls ensure their compliance.

Criteria of sustainable cultivated stocks

YOUKON WILD SALMON is orientated on the

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