First-class wild salmon

The silver promise

No other fish can look back at a more "eventful" past than the wild salmon. Till today a part of culinary cultural history is swimming within him in the seas and rivers of our globe.

The wild salmon is a gourmet

While the cultured relatives have to satisfy themselves with dried animal food, vitamine supplies and added fooddye, the wild salmon is a gourmet regarding seafood. His prefered food is pink shrimps, tender crab and small fish. Their special vitamine Xanthophylin gives the fine and tender wild salmon meat naturally its typical salmon-red colour.

The wildsalmon fishery and how to catch it with the fishing boat (troller).

The premium parts of the Wild Youkon Salmon is immediately disemboweled on board of the troller and stored on ice. Our wild salmon is mainly fished by the troller (Fishing boat). Worldwide only 2 % percent of the wild salmon is fished via this method. The troller has two backside arms, on which fishing lines with weights on them are fixated to keep them under water. On each fishing line there are 8 nylonstrings with a fishhook attached. We fish with live bait and multicoloured blinkers.



Precious nutritional value

The boat is moving at the same speed as the wild salmon is swimming. Immediately after the fish takes a bite, which the fisher notices by a little bell on the fishing rod, the fisherman seeks the leash to his boot but lets the salmon swim in the water until he has calmed down. It´s very important for the taste, to bring the salmon gently into the boat. He is disemboweled by hand, to maintain the nutritive factors instantly filled up with ice and stored chilled under deck. Every fish is treated individualy, their scales stay unblemished and the fish have no pressure markes.

By plane our wild salmon is sent to our processing factory in Vancouver, on the westcoast of Canada. The delivery logistics by air are complex, but relatively cheap because Alaska is daily supplied by this way of transportation with fresh food and the return flights are normaly empty.

The advantages of the wild salmon product

  1. Wild salmon is swimming his whole life in cold and clear water. Its meat is therefore very firm.
  2. Wild salmon nourishes himself his whole life with small crabs, shrimps and little fish. His color derives via the special vitamine Xanthophylin in its pray and not via the artificial carotin.
  3. The wild salmon spends most of its time in the icy sea covering thousands of kilometers. It covers a lot of distance during its lifespan and is therefore fit with a very low-fat (4 – 11 % fat content) percentage. Compared to his cultured conspecific individuals he is always in nature.
  4. The natural food, the free nature and the natural life-circle for thousands of years, makes the wild salmon such a valuable nourishment./li>
  5. Youkon wild salmon stands for "THE NATURE" of Alaska with PURE nature on the dining table out of the cold waters of Alaska.
  6. The catched wild salmon are treated carefully by a smoking process in a small smoke house. After fileting the wild salmons they are salted by hand and rest for
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Precious nutritional value

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