The secret of fish- smoking

A well kept secret of fish-smoking is the recipe to refine wild salmon. They are passed through from generation to generation.

The smoking process

Our smokehouse in Vancouver is a company with a old craft tradition. The McKinnon's smoke our wild salmon after an old tradition. Only some main features of the well-protected family secret can be shared by the smoke master of our wild salmon gourmet:

Especially chosen wild salmons are pickled in a very mild salt-cane sugar-brine , only using high-quality sea salt , there they rest for 24 hours. Afterwards the salmon is carefully washed with spring water.

After letting the water dripping off the wild salmon is smoked gently and conscientious above glimmering natural woods (beech,maple,oak). The smoking master carefully controlls the smoke so it is not getting above 20°C/68°F since the salmon should only absorb the smoking flavour but should not cook. The fine smoking-flavour should be perceived decently in the smell but should not be felt on the tongue. The smoke-masters manual skills are crucial for the perfect smoking aroma as well as for the optimal taste development of our cold-smoked wild salmon specialties.

Our Gravad Wild Salmon is enriched carefully with a traditional marinade out of sea-salt, cane-sugar, special plant based oils, selected dill as well as fine herbs-of course in BIO-quality!

Franz Ebner

After the smoking or marinating process the product is cooled down, sometimes (depending on the item) cut in slices, packaged and send on another journey to ou

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